Hood Photo Challenge

a 52 week project, year 2


June 2014

Week 1 Challenge

Let’s start with an easy one! ┬áPost a picture this week that epitomizes summer. Happy 4th!


Rules: Hood Photo Challenge

Here are the rules:

1. Each member must post 1 picture every week. (Labeled: Week #, Day of the week, member). The picture you post must have been taken that week.

2. Photos must be posted by Saturday.

3. 1 in 4 pictures may be of immediate or visiting family members.

4. 1 in 4 pictures may be taken with a phone. The rest must be taken with a (D)SLR.

5. Members will rotate picking a theme or challenge for that week. Themes must be posted by Sunday of that week.

6. Members must add a description of each photo, including at least the settings used on the camera.

7. The blog will run for 52 weeks, to starting today!

Goals: Hood Photo Challenge

We are a couple friends in the Oregon’s mid-Willamette Valley who wants to improve their photography. Our goals are to:

1. Get the machine out more often!
2. Learn more about the fundamentals.

Here we go!

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