Hood Photo Challenge

a 52 week project, year 2


July 2014

Week 5 Challenge

Happy week 5 – we have made it a month! 🙂 This week we are going to play with aperture: take a perspective picture* at three different apertures – your lowest, highest, and somewhere in the middle.  Then post your favorite.

*By perspective picture, I mean a picture of something going off in the distance.  Think of taking a picture down railroad tracks so they look like they get closer together in the distance.  It can be a picture of something long, like railroad tracks, down a fence, or up a redwood tree, or of something smaller like your kiddo from head to toe or a spider in it’s web (if you take that picture at my house, make sure you kill the spider afterwards please. 😉 )


Week 4, Wednesday, Meghan.

Apparently I’m the slacker this week – all pictures posted by Wednesday!! This picture I took today – a stormy day with bursts of sun.  DH vetoed the competition picture of a flower on my cucumbers so you can thank him for this picture. I love this picture because the water drops are perfect spheres on the grapes and glisten in the sun that peeks through. ISO 200, f/1.8, 1/4000s, SOOC (but cropped).

Week 4 – Sunday – Jill

This was taken from my Cannon Rebel T3 – Landscape setting  ISO 100 F/5.6 (cropped)

Week 3.  Monday, Stacie.  Marionberries.   This picture was taken with my Canon T5i, on my Aperature setting, ISO 100, f/2.8, 1/50.   SOOC

Week #4, Sunday, Tricia

This a picture of my sketti- Squash that is taking over my entire garden.  I used my Canon Rebel T3, in manual iso 200, F 5.6,

Week 4 Challenge

This week take a picture in/of your garden. .. flower or vegetable.

Week 3, friday, jill.

This was taken Friday from my Samsung phone. A cool day in P.C.

Week 3, Stacie, Thursday.

This is Stacie, and I am the honest one about how I keep cool. 🙂 I took this photo on 7/17 at 5:00pm at my house using my Canon Rebel T5i.  I used my aperture setting, at f/2.8 and ISO 100.  My shutter speed was 1/320.   🙂 I love keeping cool on my back deck, and a cool beverage can help.. 🙂  Honestly, I took a bunch of photos and had a hard time deciding, so I posted some on my own tumblr page if you want to see. 🙂

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