Hood Photo Challenge

a 52 week project, year 2


November 2014

Week 22 Exposure

This week, lets work exposure more… but specificially over and under exposing.  Intentionally over expose and under expose 2 photos.   Now, this is a challenge for artistry, as at times there is a reason to over and under expose for a certain look.    when you post, comment on why you think the “over” or “under” worked given your goal with the photo.


Week 21, Tue, Meghan.

ISO 200, 1/80, f/1.8. I would like to play around with this challenge a little bit more. The pineapple was placed just out of the sun beam – I’m interested to see what it would look like partially in. Also I think the brown wall changed the color – I would like to try this against a white or black background. Not bad for a dying pineapple 🙂

Week 21 Challenge

Because we are dealing with winter lighting (aka indoor), I found an article that talks about creative indoor lighting. See if you can use these tips to create some dramatic light in your photo.

Tip: it will probably be easier to take a picture of a still subject (like the flowers in the author’s example) than a moving one the first time you try this – A. because kiddos tend to not stay in the place we put them and B. because indoors in the winter you might have to use a slow shutter/high ISO combination.

Good luck! Link: 

Week 20, Sunday, Tricia

This week I took a low view point shot that  also plays with the rules of thirds. 

Taken with my Rebel T3, ISO 800, F5, 1/6

Week 20 challenge

Photo Challenge Rewind. For those of us (me) who missed a week (or 2) or needed more time. Pick one of the previous challenges or themes and try again.

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