Hood Photo Challenge

a 52 week project, year 2


January 2015

…this pea soup fog is making me doubt…

…my challenge decision. So in case the fog doesn’t lift this week, or you can’t manage to take pictures when the sun does manage to break through, here’s a second challenge: Find a picture you admire, try to duplicate lighting and other effects, then post both!


Week 31 Challenge

Back lighting! I realize this may be a challenge in Oregon in the winter, but I think we are supposed to have some sunny days/weekends. Or you can play with indoor lighting. Here’s a link: 

(aren’t you so proud of me for branching out for my sources? 🙂 )

Week 30

This week I would like to work on manual focus.  I would like us to take a photo where only one thing is in focus.  I tend to not change my focal points often as I should especially while taking photos of my kids, so I would like to play around with it  more .

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