Week 29.  Stacie.  Outdoors taken on Thursday.  Indoor on Saturday.

I used my Canon Rebel t5i.   

So, after thinking about it, I decided not to use the K method, as it is not realistic for me to use daily… but I like how using the WB settings can either cool off or warm up the photos…. so, i wanted to play with them.   Not all the photos are in focus like I would want, but the coloring shows what I was doing.   On the indoor photos, I like the “warmer” one, which is actually using the “sun” setting, instead of what is deemed the correct indoor setting for the light.   And, for out door, I can see where you would want to use some of the settings to “cool” off the picture if you were trying to make it look colder.   Using the correct settings, it looks almost like Fall instead of winter… which is probably how Oregon looks in the winter.  But to give the effect of cooler temps, I tried to play with some of the WB options (see the bluer tints).  I think it worked a bit, but would take a lot of practice to make it work on people.  On outdoor scenery, it seems like you could do it easier.