Week 34, Sunday, Guest Post – Philip

Spent the weekend at Pacific Beach with our daughter and her family. This was our first time there. This is obviously a very popular place with many taking in the beautiful sunny weather although it was a bit breezy. Not suprising for the Pacific coast. There were signs of previous beach fires with this very interesting char pattern on a burnt stump that produced specular highlights in the bright sun. I also tried to capture the juxtaposition of standing tree along the edge of the hill behind it in the curve of the decaying stump. The wind-blown sand surrounding it also had the characteristic textural pattern produced by wind and wave. If I had waited longer, it would have also included cloud patterns that were forming later in the afternoon. The char pattern reproduced as desired but I should have stepped back further to include more of the sand surrounding it and raised my vantage point to give more of a break between the stump edge and the tree behind it. Possibly even revisiting this location later in the afternoon. A beautiful day with family was my priority so this photo op was a bonus. This Michigan guy was impressed by the Oregon coast. So different from Lake Michigan beaches.

f/4, 1/2000, ISO 200, SOOC