Hood Photo Challenge

a 52 week project, year 2


April 2015

Week 44

Reflections and Silhouettes.   Lets play with both of these this week.  

here are some sites with information:  



See if you can get a picture of both.  have fun.


Week 43, Sunday, Meghan

My models cooperated really well for this picture (aka they were both asleep…). I don’t think any of these composition rules are shocking to any of us at this point in time, but it’s always good to go back to basics and think about them as I shoot. I think this picture fits avoiding the middle and space to move (kind of – they are both facing into the frame). There are also some leading lines – I think their faces lead you to look at their hands, although maybe that fits better with framing? It’s not the most artistic picture, but it sure is sweet! Definitely a keeper for the mom in me.

I would like to try the composition rule of working with diagonals, although I think the example picture must have been taken with a pretty wide lens (wider than mine) because the distortion adds some creativity to the shot. I would still like to try the technique…

f/2.5, 1/100, ISO HI 1, SOOC

Week 43 Challenge

In case my camera poops out on me again, let’s stick to composition this week. Here’s a list of 10 photo composition rules and why they work – pick one and do it! (or more than one, we won’t judge overachievers here)

Week 42.  Tips & Tricks

Ok, lets break it up and get a little funky.  Lets play with some of the “tips and tricks” that can make photography fun AND can give us special effects or the photo we wanted!  

So the challenge is to do a couple new “tricks” and see how they work.   Here are some sites with ideas:

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