Week 42, Sunday, Meghan.

So because my DSLR died (totally freaking out!!!!!!! gaaaaaasp…), I used Kelson’s CoolPix to take these pictures. I was going to try changing the bokeh shape with my 50mm, but that went out the window so… I decided to try the “vintage” effect with pantyhose. I dug out my super sexy thigh highs (which don’t look quite as sexy stretched over a CoolPix…), and this is what I got. You can see the difference with the dandelion poof – L pic is with the nylon stretched over the lens, R is without. Kind of a fun effect, but not one I’d use on a regular basis. You loose a lot of quality, and can’t make out faces (or other details) well. 

Other things I learned:
– you can catch a sun flare pretty well, but all other details of the photo get washed out even more
– the effect changes based on how tightly you stretch the nylon
– majority of my pictures are streaked with the nylon’s pattern. The ones above had the least of that effect
– the effect is dramatized the closer your angle gets toward the sun (the best ones were 90 degrees from the sun)
– you look totally crazy trying to take these pictures 🙂

Wish I could tell you my settings, but apparently you can’t change any of that with a CoolPix… sob…