Hood Photo Challenge

a 52 week project, year 2


May 2015

Week 48 Challenge

Last week I felt like I was cheating if the picture I took wasn’t against a background I set up… call me ridiculous. But hey, I got some super cute pictures out of it (and justified purchasing a couple backdrops… shh…). In the process, however, I saw some really cool “backdrops” that I could not hang up on my newly constructed PVC frame (bricks, wood fences, water, forests, picket fence house decorations…). 

This week, take a picture with one of those – choose an existing background you think you could love in a picture and see how it goes.


Week 47, Monday, Meghan

I built a PVC backdrop! And then I tried to go all Christmas lights bokeh on it and discovered that to get the blurry light effect I had to be so far back that my backdrop stand was in the frame (note right side)… sigh, but I think it will be great for pictures where the subject doesn’t need to be 5+ feet away. Also, If I got a sheet that was wider than my stand it might help… 🙂

f/2, 1/400, ISO 400, SOOC

Week 47:  backdrops

Ok, folks.. have fun this week.  Most of us want to improve our photography to document the lives of our children .. so lets bring them back to the focus as our subjects.   

It is time to play with making backdrops for the fun pics we all want of our kids.   Here are some sites.

Week 46 Challenge

I found this article and love the concept – find something ordinary and turn it into extraordinary art (while giving your kids a break 🙂 ).

Week 45, Friday, Meghan

I think I might have “seen” shadows in my pictures for the first time this week! Good learning exercise to develop my photographer’s eye. I wish the grass was a little in focus… it was f/3.2…? I guess I was really close so my depth of field was smaller than I expected…?

f/3.2, 1/4000, ISO 400, SOOC.

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