Hood Photo Challenge

a 52 week project, year 2


July 2015

Week 0, Stacie

Hey there ladies.  This is my second year doing the challenge.  Meghan and I are excited to do this again.. and my goal, this year, is to really focus on each challenge and not do it last minute.  🙂

I am Stacie, a mother of three girls, who lives in McMinnville and spends most of my days raising my girls.  I enjoy doing a lot of things… both indoors and outdoors.     Lets see, what else can I share?  Well, I have taken a few classes online, and plan to spend this year, reviewing  them and paying a lot of attention to my pics.  Just for fun, though.  I do not ever pretend to have the skill or eye for anything more.

IMG_3679I am attaching this photo I took last august.. one of our first weeks of the challenge.   Only because I am going back to this location in 3 weeks, and look forward to playing with taking more pics…


Week 0, Laurie

IMGP3686 (2)

Hey there everyone!

I’m Laurie, and I too am a science teacher, which is how I know Meghan and became part of this “hood.” My husband and I both teach in Sweet Home, but live in Lebanon. I love my job and could never leave it! So unfortunately, photography will just have to remain a favorite hobby for now, but I’m passionate about both.

I like to call myself an Oregonian because I’ve lived here for almost a decade! Whoohoo. However, I grew up on the plains of Colorado, where a camera would be a complete waste, as there’s not much to look at. I’m from a small hick-town of 600, named after some Indian……. like a real Indian….from India. I’m still not really sure how “Simla” got its name while the west was being won.

My husband and I met at the University of Northern Colorado, in another eye-sore-ish town on the plains. One day, we decided we needed better scenery and picked a place to move within driving distance of the ocean. So we loaded up three boxes of stuff and our gigantic, old-school TV, and moved to Oregon. (BTW, if you know anyone who wants a 90s TV that sounds like a helicopter when you turn it on, you let me know! I’ll give them a great deal.)

Speaking of electronics, I got my “machine” as a birthday present from my husband after our first daughter was born. That’s when I really got into photography. My daughter turns three in a week, so that tells you about how long I’ve been doing this….not long at all. I’m pretty inexperienced, but I’d love to learn more. I’m all about creating pictures that are beautiful to me…my own art. I hope that by being a part of the Hood, I can learn how to venture off the auto setting more often, and get to see others art along the way!

I chose the picture above because I feel it gives insight into my personality. Not only do I enjoy photographing things that are beautiful, but also things that show everyday life. This is my daughter, Verity, who recently discovered where underwear really go. (This potty-training business has been quite the adventure!)

I can’t wait to get to know all of you!    -Laurie

………Hopefully I did all this posting business right.

Week 0, Meghan

Hi all, I’m Meghan. A quick history:

Last year, I tried to coerce talk some of my friends in joining me in a 52 week photo project so that I could exploit their photo knowledge we could learn from each other. It just so happened that we (used to) all live in the same cute little neighborhood, and so together we created the Hood Photo Challenge!  For me and my photo life, it was the best thing ever!! Three of us were game for a year two, and we thought it would be even better, if that was possible, if we expanded the challenge to each of our own personal “hoods.” And here you are. Welcome to the hood!

Who am I? Well that’s an awfully deep question for so early in the morning but let’s see what I can do here. I grew up in Michigan, lived little stints in Missouri, South Florida, and now here I am in Oregon. I have two lovely girlies, G and G2, that my sexy husband and I are doing our best to raise by the grace of God (and lots of it). I teach high school science on the side, and dabble in photography (obviously) and painting wood signs (my husband just loves the piles of wood that hobby accumulates). My vice is coffee (oh how I wish I could stop drinking you!). Or perhaps it is coffee creamer…International Delight Hershey’s Chocolate Caramel… I blame you, Amber.

The picture above I took for one of the challenges that was the hardest for me, but I’m glad Stacie made me do it. I was trying panning, and most of my attempts were really huge failures, but that one turned out pretty cool! Excited to see what kind of failures I’ll come to treasure this year!

Week 0 Challenge, year 2

Here’s your first challenge: figure out how to write a post! Tell us about yourself: Where do you live? Have you always lived there? Who are you… no really, who are you? Who are you as a photographer? Any vices we should use to bribe you with? See where your typing takes you!

If you are like me, and have way too much time on your hands, post one of your favorite pictures that you took last year. (‘Cause it only took me about 2 hours to type this… between popsicle requests, baby’s nap, a “come wipe me!!!”, popsicle on the floor, tears, food for me, talking naked 3 year old into underwear, baby waking up…)

I’m excited to get to know you!

Hood Photo Challenge, Rules Year 2

We have lived and learned, and here are our rules for year 2:

1. Each member must post ONLY 1 picture every week. (Labeled: Week #, Day of the week, member). The picture you post must have been taken that week.

2. Photos must be posted by Tuesday. Tuesday at midnight (Wed morning), the next week’s challenge will go up.

3. All members will post helpful links/articles they come across throughout the week in each week’s “Check it Out” post. (You will have to edit the post to do so.)

4. 1 in 4 pictures may be taken with a phone. The rest must be taken with a (D)SLR.

5. Members must add a description of each photo, including at least the settings used on the camera.

6. The blog will run for 52 weeks, starting Aug 4.

Hood Photo Challenge Goals, Year 2

1. Get the machine out more often!
2. Learn more about the fundamentals.
3. Learn from each other

Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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