Hood Photo Challenge

a 52 week project, year 2


August 2015

Week 4, Jolina, Sunday


speed 250, f/8, ISO:640 and my white balance is on cloudy? (I was guessing on this one.)

Ok.. so today we headed to Salem and past this old abandon farm house.. When we past it, it had this sheet blowing out the top door that must have had a deck on it (which you can see on the ground behind the girls. I said.. I must get pictures of this house today Todd! It looks sooo haunted!  And so on our way home we picked up my camera got the girls dressed in white, cause I wanted it too look creepy, asked the owner who we guessed lived next door, and she did Phew!!  She said yes, just don’t go inside.. She was so happy that we stopped and asked. And I went to town. I was playing with all of the settings. Praying one would turn out. Then I got home and I have been sitting in front of my computer trying to pick the picture for this.. IT was hard to choose one. I would normally crop this tighter to get the creepy look on Kia’s face (she does creepy good!) But then I lose the house. This was a hard choice!!  But the rest are going on my facebook page!!  🙂


Jolina week 3


speed/13  ISO/HI1 F/5.6

Ok So I might have gotten this one wrong.. But I did work with my ISO setting to get this shot. I must have took 30 shots.. changing changing all my settings. aggggg.. That was the hardest part.. I like another much better at a different white balance setting (never messed with that before but the moon was just to bright) but I was standing for that one and it was too blurry. So I picked this one. I was resting my arms on my truck. The moon was just beautiful tonight so I had to take a pic. This is probably the hardest type of shot I can do.. I will now need to do research on how to get the moons surface to show up instead of all light.

Week 4, Saturday, Meghan


As I paid attention to what my focus was in pictures this week, I noticed that I usually take pictures along something, with part of it in focus and part not. For example, if a bird was sitting on a branch, I would prefer to take the picture looking down the branch, with the bird in focus and the rest of the branch out of focus. So this week I tried to make myself try pictures where the whole area of interest was in the same plane and all in focus. It was really hard for me to do  and you’ll note that the aperture is pretty open, but the only reason I did that was to get the picture light enough (under a table turns out to be a pretty dark place to take a picture…) I like the picture I got out of it… though it’s hard not to like pictures of this cutie…

f/2, 1/200, ISO 400

Week 4, Stacie, Thursday


Playing with focal points is fun.  I took a ton of pics, but chose this one.  Though I do not love the total color cast, I like the focus not on the ocean.  I wish my toes were done.

ISO 100   F 4.5   1/1600

Week 3, Stacie, Friday


I tried the single light source idea here.  Not super happy, but given my time, I will take it.  😉  I really wanted to try changing my ISO to help with shutter to see if it makes a difference even in light, but when I tried, I could not see a difference.  So, this is it.

ISO  800  F 2.8    1/13

Week 4 Challenge, year 2

August topic: exposure triangle

This week we’re watching for focal points. Play around with this: do you usually have one focal point? Many? Which do you like better? Try what you don’t normally do. This is also a good week to go full manual if you haven’t done so. Or put the camera back on auto if you need a breather from all of these settings! As usual, post helpful articles you find below.

Check it out:

Week 3, Meghan, Monday


So my models were not  being very compliant this week… I had to bribe the one above with a picture for picture trade off. I had hoped to really study the light, and figure out what kind of shadows it creates when I change the angle of it to my subject but… first I had to find a light (turns out I don’t own any lamps… who knew!!), and then I had to convince my subjects not to touch the light bulb, but sit closer, PLEASE just let me take one picture of you!! Anyway, here’s the result – kind of interesting. I think I could have gotten the grain to go away had I had a little more time to change my settings. But not this week I guess! Actually my second favorite picture was of the light source itself – I thought that might be cheating…

f/2.5, 1/4000, ISO 500, edited

Week 2, Jolina


shutter speed is 1600

I love freezing motion.. Its probably one of my favorite things to shoot. Usually , again I put it on action mode on my camera.. this time I took 3 pictures at different speeds to play a bit.. 2000 was way over exposed. At 1600 the color of her suit looked good. Love love the beach!

Week 1, Jolina


taken with my Nikon D80 f/5.6

to be honest I could not get my f stop to go any lower.. I wanted to take it at a lower no. but it would only go to 5.6..  not sure why. maybe there is a button I need to push to be able to get it lower.


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