Hello All,  This is my first time posting to WordPress.. Its going to take me a bit to figure it all out. I have only used Blogger before and it has been over a year since I’ve even used that.

A little about me. I am a stay at home Mom of two girls and one boy. I am also in my second year of being a foster mom. I have my own cake pop business I do for fun (most of the time). I live in a little town called Lafayette, OR.  I have had my Nikon for 9 years I think. And I will admit that I am stuck on Auto. I shoot in raw but usually in auto..  LOL..  I have a hard time with reading any type of manual. So I have never cracked that one open with my camera. Yet I still have it. I am a learn as I go. I take a ton of pictures. I mess around with my settings. Then can never remember them. Most of the time I just take a huge amount and pray one takes. I usually get lucky. 🙂 I am posting a few of my favorite pictures of a trip with took to Cali. I have them enlarged on my wall with an architect print from staples. (thanks stacie for the idea!) I will admit I love and hate taking pictures of my kids.. I always go into it thinking its going to be great.. then it ends up with someone yelling, crying and I’m sweating trying to get them all to look at me and put a damn smile on! It really is comical. DSC_5906

I promise.. they do have faces.. (I just realized my favorite pictures are of their backs.. Too funny!!   ok.. about to hit publish.. lets hope it works. 1 minute later.. see.. I already broke a rule.. had to edit this!!  sorry.. Ill re-read the rules.