speed 250, f/8, ISO:640 and my white balance is on cloudy? (I was guessing on this one.)

Ok.. so today we headed to Salem and past this old abandon farm house.. When we past it, it had this sheet blowing out the top door that must have had a deck on it (which you can see on the ground behind the girls. I said.. I must get pictures of this house today Todd! It looks sooo haunted!  And so on our way home we picked up my camera got the girls dressed in white, cause I wanted it too look creepy, asked the owner who we guessed lived next door, and she did Phew!!  She said yes, just don’t go inside.. She was so happy that we stopped and asked. And I went to town. I was playing with all of the settings. Praying one would turn out. Then I got home and I have been sitting in front of my computer trying to pick the picture for this.. IT was hard to choose one. I would normally crop this tighter to get the creepy look on Kia’s face (she does creepy good!) But then I lose the house. This was a hard choice!!  But the rest are going on my facebook page!!  🙂