Hood Photo Challenge

a 52 week project, year 2


October 2015

Week 13 Challenge, year 2

October topic: lighting

Winter is coming, and with it many low light days! Let’s experiment with photographing in low light situations.

Check it out:


Week 12, Saturday, Meghan


Well I didn’t play with reflectors this week (I bought the foam board… does that count?), but I did pick up my camera – thank-you, pumpkin patch! Here’s my favorite.

Week 12 Challenge, year 2

October topic: lighting

Let’s play around with reflectors. Use one you have bought, made, or just a white wall. Consider trying fill lighting.

Check it out:

Week 11, Monday, Meghan


Last year when I tried this, I did it by the book to get a perfectly black background – and then the technique sat in my back pocket until now. This year I wanted to experiment with backgrounds to see if I could do the same thing on the fly – no perfect black hole to shoot into, more complicated subjects (like kids)… I found that when I prioritized the black background, like the one above, my subject was in really harsh, flat light (read: not the light I want!) The kids totally didn’t work – they were washed out and flat, and the backgrounds were not really that black… I’m thinking this has to be a little staged to work. I’m glad I’m more comfortable with the concept though – at least I can be more aware of my backgrounds, and I like the look with flowers! Turns out sunlight is a little more forgiving on flowers than faces…

f/5.6, 1/4000, ISO 800, SOOC

oh… maybe part of the issue was trying to shoot in sunlight with ISO 800…. whoops!

week 10 Stacie


Ok the sunsets have been so amazing, that I wanted to capture them this week.  But no matter the angle, it did not do justice.  Then tonight, I tried again, but used my cell phone.   While I do not love the pic.. I love the silhouette and the colors.   Still, I am determined to get some sunset pics.. 🙂

taken with my iPhone

Week 11 Challenge, year 2

October topic: lighting

Manipulate your settings and position your subject so that your subject is lit and your background is black (or very dark). I believe these are called “low key” images.

Check it out:

Week 10, Sunday, Meghan


I was right!! Not much direct sunlight first week of October in Oregon… shocking. This picture happened as my husband walked through the door from being gone all weekend, I saw the sun, I ran frantically to get my camera pushing all husbands and babies out of the way, stole G’s pumpkin, and took a shot from all angles. This was my favorite angle – a little too much drama for one pumpkin, I think 🙂 Do you like the crown?

f/3.5, 1/650, ISO400

Week 9, Stacie


For this picture, I avoided the whole rule of thirds, but rather tried to create the triangle with my girls.. and using the whole rule of odds, to get an interesting pic. 🙂   i love my girls.

Week 8, Stacie


So, while I will take pics of the flowers at times, for challenges, it is not something I normally do.. nor would I ever take pics of bugs. 🙂  but this turned out to be kinda fun.

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