Hood Photo Challenge

a 52 week project, year 2


November 2015

Week 17 Challenge, year 2

November topic: creativity

We are going to push beyond children here and make you take a shot at a different subject… well, maybe a different background…? Chose one and do it: architecture, texture, or landscape

Check it out:


Week 16, Saturday, Meghan


I love it when the photographer and the Mama in me agree on our favorite picture of the week (I realize that makes me sound very multiple personalities…) LOVE this moment!! I also love the how the light falls, the baby hug, the bed head, the cheeks…oooh! f/2.5, 1/125, ISO 800.

Week 16 Challenge, year 2

November topic: creativity

Time to branch out and try some black and white photography!

Check it out:

Week 15, Wednesday, Meghan


Life is getting crazy, so I played around with angles a leeeeeeettle bit (for about 2 minutes after I helped G set up a lemonade stand – I think she’s trying to extort us…). Here was my favorite picture. f/2.2, 1/200, ISO 800.

Week 15 Challenge, year 2

November topic: creativity

Here are a couple camera angles you may not have considered last week, play around with these and let us know what you come up with: peek through a doorway or window, from a distance, close up, camera tilt. Can you think of others?

Check it out:

Week 14, Meghan, Saturday


f/2.2, 1/200, ISO 800

I’m happy with this vantage point. I think it was a new one for me at the ice cream shop – usually I just shoot the sameĀ couple angles there… small space… we all sit in the same spot… you know the drill. The ice cream scoopers must think I’m some psycho-photo obsessed mom, but I’m ok with that.Ā I especially love this picture because the angle allows you to see G’s face really well, and it’s almost like you can hear her saying “Ahhhhhhhhh…”


Week 14 Challenge, year 2

November topic: creativity

This week let’s work on expanding our photography by taking pictures from different vantage points. Experiment – try angles you wouldn’t normally consider.

Check it out:

Week 13, Sunday, Meghan


f/8, 1/60, ISO 200

Not a low-lighting shot, but G wanted to help take a picture so we took one of the flower with stopped motion and one of it blurred. She liked this one the best and everytime she sees it she says “I helped you take that!.” LOVE!

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