Hood Photo Challenge

a 52 week project, year 2


January 2016

Week 25, Meghan, Wednesday


f/2.8, 1/80, ISO 400


Week 26, Meghan, Tuesday


So I totally failed at this week’s challenge… but I took a picture – 3 in fact! And this is one of the three. That’s why I’m doing this challenge, I suppose, or one of the reasons – so on weeks where my brain is fuzz, I still take a step in photography. Hey, and it’s a pretty cute moment captured, I would say. So the mom in me says “nice shot, you!” And I say thank-you.

f/2.8, 1/320, ISO 400

Week 26 Challenge, year 2

January topic: Composition 2.0

Speaking of orientation… let’s play around a little bit more with that. Stacie – you wanted to do this one, what are you going to work on this week?

Also, hoodies, take a look at your pictures – do you favor one orientation more than the other? If so, work on the other!

Check it out:

Week 25 Challenge, year 2

January topic: Composition 2.0

Let’s think about lines! Leading lines, diagonal lines, lines that match your orientation (vertical lines: vertical orientation, for example). See if you can really rock the lines this week.

Check it out:

Week 24, Meghan, Saturday


f/2.8, 1/4000, ISO 400

Week 24 Challenge, year 2

January topic: Composition 2.0

Here’s a composition rule you don’t see on every photo blog: balancing elements. Play with that this week and see what you get!

Check it out:

Week 23, Meghan, Sunday


f/2.8, 1/200, ISO 400

Week 23 Challenge, year 2

January topic: composition 2.0

Think about the “look into the frame rule.” Or be a rebel and break it, and then tell us why you are being so artistic and moody.

Check it out:

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