Hood Photo Challenge

a 52 week project, year 2


July 2016

Week 52 Challenge, year 2

You made it! 52 weeks of pictures – nice work!!

Reflect back over what you learned this year. Capture an image that incorporates your growth, or if you are feeling really reflective find a picture you took last year and re-take it. Go ahead, one up yourself. And congrats!


Week 51 Challenge, year 2

July topic: lighting 3.0

Here’s another slightly tricky one… reflections. Good thing we’re all pros here by now, right?

Check it out:

Week 50 Challenge, year 2

July topic: lighting 3.0

I am less than confident in my ability to make this challenge happen, but let’s give it a go. Try to capture beams of light or some type of smoke or dust in beams of light. Go team!

Check it out:


Week 49 Challenge, year 2

July topic: lighting 3.0

You know that light we avoid? Right, direct, harsh light? Let’s try to rope it in and love it – like a pet tiger.

Check it out:

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