Hood Photo Challenge

a 52 week project, year 2



Week 8, Laurie

I guess I’m dabbling in and out of this challenge, but that’s okay. I’ll post as often as I can. This weekend I focused on birds. Did a lot of bird shots, which I don’t normally do.

ISO 400, f 5.6, 1/3200

IMGP7528 (2)


Week 2, Laurie


1/3200  f2.8  ISO200

I thought I was running out of time this week, so I just had my daughter turn in head back and forth like a shampoo commercial for a few quick shots. I tried a few different shutter speeds: 1/1000, 1/32000, and 1/5000. This middle one yielded the sharpest image with the light we had on my deck.

Week 1, Laurie

IMGP7144 (2)

1/100, f1.8, iso 800

I’m glad we’re starting off with only one part of the triangle at a time. Aperture is my favorite. I adjusted to 1.8 and let the camera decide the other two. My goal is to try to figure out the other two eventually, as this picture seems a little grainy to me (ISO too big?)

Disclaimer: I’m breastfeeding right now and my hormones are through the roof! So, with that said, I’ll try not to have my baby as ALL the subjects for this project! 😉


Let me know if i didn’t post this in the right format.

Week 0, Laurie

IMGP3686 (2)

Hey there everyone!

I’m Laurie, and I too am a science teacher, which is how I know Meghan and became part of this “hood.” My husband and I both teach in Sweet Home, but live in Lebanon. I love my job and could never leave it! So unfortunately, photography will just have to remain a favorite hobby for now, but I’m passionate about both.

I like to call myself an Oregonian because I’ve lived here for almost a decade! Whoohoo. However, I grew up on the plains of Colorado, where a camera would be a complete waste, as there’s not much to look at. I’m from a small hick-town of 600, named after some Indian……. like a real Indian….from India. I’m still not really sure how “Simla” got its name while the west was being won.

My husband and I met at the University of Northern Colorado, in another eye-sore-ish town on the plains. One day, we decided we needed better scenery and picked a place to move within driving distance of the ocean. So we loaded up three boxes of stuff and our gigantic, old-school TV, and moved to Oregon. (BTW, if you know anyone who wants a 90s TV that sounds like a helicopter when you turn it on, you let me know! I’ll give them a great deal.)

Speaking of electronics, I got my “machine” as a birthday present from my husband after our first daughter was born. That’s when I really got into photography. My daughter turns three in a week, so that tells you about how long I’ve been doing this….not long at all. I’m pretty inexperienced, but I’d love to learn more. I’m all about creating pictures that are beautiful to me…my own art. I hope that by being a part of the Hood, I can learn how to venture off the auto setting more often, and get to see others art along the way!

I chose the picture above because I feel it gives insight into my personality. Not only do I enjoy photographing things that are beautiful, but also things that show everyday life. This is my daughter, Verity, who recently discovered where underwear really go. (This potty-training business has been quite the adventure!)

I can’t wait to get to know all of you!    -Laurie

………Hopefully I did all this posting business right.

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