Hood Photo Challenge

a 52 week project, year 2



week 10 Stacie


Ok the sunsets have been so amazing, that I wanted to capture them this week.  But no matter the angle, it did not do justice.  Then tonight, I tried again, but used my cell phone.   While I do not love the pic.. I love the silhouette and the colors.   Still, I am determined to get some sunset pics.. 🙂

taken with my iPhone


Week 9, Stacie


For this picture, I avoided the whole rule of thirds, but rather tried to create the triangle with my girls.. and using the whole rule of odds, to get an interesting pic. 🙂   i love my girls.

Week 8, Stacie


So, while I will take pics of the flowers at times, for challenges, it is not something I normally do.. nor would I ever take pics of bugs. 🙂  but this turned out to be kinda fun.

Week 7, Stacie

IMG_1787 copy

Rule of odds.  So fun.  I had to make myself not use my three girls. 🙂 would have been so very easy.  but I had never thought about it in this way.   I still struggle, with pics of my girls, with the fact that there are odd numbers of them, so the focus is often drawn to whomever is centered on the middle.  anyway, my own struggle.

Week 6, Stacie


Framing.  While I think this pic is too dark, I liked playing with natural items to frame my girls.  It make me look so much at the picture as a whole, not just at my girls.

week 5

Stacie.  Week 5


I really wanted to play with the golden triangle, but realized I was trying to force it.  So, I went with the rule of thirds.  Given the right scenery, the rule of thirds would be great to use, but if it is not part of the back ground, you cannot force it.

Week 4, Stacie, Thursday


Playing with focal points is fun.  I took a ton of pics, but chose this one.  Though I do not love the total color cast, I like the focus not on the ocean.  I wish my toes were done.

ISO 100   F 4.5   1/1600

Week 3, Stacie, Friday


I tried the single light source idea here.  Not super happy, but given my time, I will take it.  😉  I really wanted to try changing my ISO to help with shutter to see if it makes a difference even in light, but when I tried, I could not see a difference.  So, this is it.

ISO  800  F 2.8    1/13

Week 2, Stacie


This was my favorite picture I took so far this week.  Though her one hand is not super sharp, And I do not love that she is dead center, the smile on her face is why I chose this one.

Taken with my canon rebel t5i, with my tamron lens again. 🙂   f 2.8 and shutter 1/1000

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